CIWIN (Critical Infrastructure Warning Information Network), an initiative of the Directorate-General for Home Affairs of the European Commission, is a pillar of the European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection (EPCIP) that seeks to improve the protection of critical infrastructure in Europe - across all EU States and in all relevant sectors of economic activity.

Critical infrastructures are vital for the security, economy and social welfare of the European Union and any of its Member States. They have evolved into complex and interdependent systems that are increasingly exposed to the effects of cybercrime, operational dysfunctions, technological accidents or natural hazards.

The protection of a local asset is not sufficient in itself, but needs contributions and coordination of all the stakeholders in order to prevent a loss of service from putting at risk any other critical interconnected system and infrastructure and having a large impact on society.

CIWIN, a protected public internet based information and communication system, offers recognised members of the EU’s critical infrastructure protection community the opportunity to exchange and discuss CIP-related information, studies and good practices across multiple sectors.

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